4/13 - Deli Blue Marlin

Fished the Deli on 4/13 out of Hilton Head. There were several good weed lines but no bite until 11:00. Next thing you know we had three mahi in the box. As quickly as the mahi bite started it came to an end. Shortly after we pulled up to a pad of weed for a couple of minutes looking for bait, did not see any, so we pulled away. As we were cleaning weed off baits the long rigger goes off, next thing you know we had a marlin dancing on the surface, it was amazing. During our first attempt of leadering the fish he decided he was not done yet and went DEEP. We tightened the drag up a bit trying to get him up and about 10 minutes later “pop” and he was gone… Marlin hit a bait with a blue and pink sea witch. It was a great day on the water. All fish were caught slightly north of the Deli.