4/22 Jetties

Fished daybreak in the harbor at Ft. Moultrie and Ft. Sumpter with nothing, so moved over to the jetties. Low tide protected from the swell which was nice, started getting bites after an hour (when all the other boats went home to get out of the wind).

Throwing shrimp and minnows on carolina rigs into the rocks from about 50 feet off, getting bites every cast, but no hookups on either 3/0 circle hooks or #2 SSW, need to tune my skills there.

Had a few shark? hookups so I pulled out the big spinner with 60lb leader and a 5/0 circle hook. Threw it in and caught this sheep, I was surprised it took the circle hook, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

First time we ate sheepshead, incredibly good!

Nice job. Good fish

2018 Sea Fox 226 Commander

I have to get back down and get to the jettys… Nice fish…

1st sheep I ever caught was on a circle also think it was a #1