4/29 Freediving trip.....Cobia! with pics

We did a test trip on Friday to make sure the motors were running ok for the upcoming season before heading out to the ledge. We hit a few different spots from 40-65 ft water and had planned on going to 80ft but the day had other things in store for us. The goal was to get some cobia and freedive on some new spots.

We got a bunch of sheepshead and some spades on the first spot. The vis was pretty good. My buddy Kevin saw a big sand tiger as he was finishing his last dive.

We got to the next spot and the sheepshead were thick there as well. Kevin and I were 2 seconds from going down and Mike yells COBIA!!, we turned around and the two fish were right behind us. He shot first and luckily I shot the fish he didn’t shoot. It all happened in slow motion and both fish took off, peeling 50 yds of line off the reels on our guns. Kevin hurt the big one pretty good and I had to gaff him in the water and hand the gaff to Derick on the boat to get the fish up. My fish was still going crazy and did 3 different runs peeling line off my reel. I got the gaff back and swam down and gaffed him in the head and we were able to pull him on the boat. The big one went 46-48 on the boga grip and the smaller one was close to 30lbs.

We did a few more dives and were about to leave and a huge school of AJs were going crazy on the surface. They came right by the boat and Derick hooked a nice AJ on my new popper. It was an awesome fight. The AJs stayed around for a while and then the wind came up. We decided to head in instead of going further out and the fish box was loaded. Had a wedding on saturday so sorry for a late report but the Cobias are here!! Congrats to the people that killed Mahi 2day…gettting out there 2morrow for some of the action.

Nice fish guys

grab the gaff and another cold beer


thats awesome!

Good shooting. We were out today, 71 on bottom and 60’ vis if not better, but no cobia in 100’, just grouper, snapper, and hogfish. Awesome fish guys, lets go soon!

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Very nice pair of lings.

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Nice job Charles! gotta get me one of those suits.

Nice cobia, good to see some other freedivers are out there.

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Finally got a boat!

MMMMMMMMMM!! Cobia sammitch,thankx for the report.

Very Nice

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