4/5 Shem Creek 19” trout/ 23” red

Fished the incoming starting at dead low. Fishing was slow 2 hours in, but the bite picked up at sunset. 19 in trout released, and 23 in red. Both caught with a 3.5in vudu mullet.

Good going mate,congrats on your first report.Nice pics also and thanks for releasing the trout.

Nicely done!

2017 Sportsman 211 w/ F150XB “Marital Property”


Very well done!

Thank you! The vudu mullet comes with a gnarly sharp treble hook on it, but I don’t want to injure the fish. I took that killer off, and put a circle hook on instead. Went out the next day(fished with that set up),and caught a little flounder. I had about a dozen really hard strikes, and couldn’t get the hook to set. Any suggestions? I started thinking about the treble hook again. Bent the barbs in and cut off one of the hooks… winging it at this point. It’s out preforming every lure I have no matter what condition, but useless if I can’t hook up without injuring the fish.