4 bank battery charger

trying to take care of this round of batteries. Any suggestions on a 4 bank charger.

Only have 2 banks, but 4 batteries. I was thinking it would be better for each battery to have its own separate charge rather than charging with a two bank.

Any good brands or ones to avoid? Thx

Dualpro makes a 4 bank… Mine has been good to me for 2 years now.

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I’ve had a Dual Pro 3 bank charger for 6 years…2 years ago it crapped out. When I called them they said send it in and they would update/refurbish it for $100 with free shipping and a full year’s warranty. Not bad in my opinion…it does a superb job at battery maintenance also…

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Dual pro is the way to go and i think a 4 bank would be better as well.

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You could just add a second two bank charger, I have two two banks on my grady from the factory, one is on the cranking batteries and one is on the house batteries, works great

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Black Bear Sporting Goods has Dual Pro Pro Series 2 bank charger for $229 including tax and shipping