4 door black vinyl crab traps

the heavy duty ones with rebar on bottom anybody know the cheapest place to buy one?

They are not cheap.Most $40 plus.


I think the Ace Hardware on Folly Rd near Chick Fil A has them…also think I saw some in front of Haddrells West Ashtray…those misht have been the smaller ones though…

The Morris Island Lighthouse www.savethelight.org

we sell them at all of The Charleston Angler locations. We have two sizes:

Small: 2 door vinal coated wire w/ rebar $44.95
Large: 4 door Vinal coated wire w/ rebar $55.95

They are made locally on JI and we keep them in stock all the time…

Mad Mike

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i am a commercial crabber. i have a used one i can sell you for 25 with the iron and line.