5/13/16 on the Wando

Loaded down with mud minnows and only a few finger mullet, I decided fish the Wando. The bite was slow on mud minnows and I was saving the mullet for my flounder spot on the outgoing tide, so I got on the trolling motor with the new savage shrimp working oyster bars and points that disrupted tidal flow picked up one red and two trout. Once the storms started rolling in bringing cloud cover I decided to stay close to a place I could hide out if I felt I needed to soak some baits on the bottom at this rock pile I saw on Google earth and eat lunch. Scarfed down a PB&J and chips then figured with the cloud cover I should tie on the top water bait and give it a go, first cast had a fish swirl at it then gave the bait the get out of dodge cadence and had another fish blow it out the water about two feet and as soon as it landed another fish smoked it. Caught six in a matter of 30 minutes with the cloud cover over me as soon as it was gone and sunny again, I never had anymore action. By that time tide was rolling out good and I headed to the flounder spot which never lets me down with mullet, caught three keepers six more under sized fish and pulled the hook on the biggest flounder I’ve personally had on the line. He was every bit as big or bigger as my best a twenty four incher. Pretty good day for me aside from losing him.