5/16 Green Pretzel and a Marlin Dance

Started the fishing day early, but this was no ordinary fishing day. This was the annual Rivers Edge Marina Dolphin/Wahoo Fishing Tournament. A year’s worth of giving everyone grief or taking it was at stake! Game faces were on and the fishing was all business. Plan was to high speed for a wahoo 50+ pounds should be easy. Then troll for a minute to two and put the 40+ bull in the box. Then head back and stop off at reds for lunch and hit the weigh in about 2. Seemed pretty doable.

After a quick load up we left the dock at 3:50. Ride out was a little snotty but the further we got the better the seas got. Made it out to 130 and it was time to high speed to fill our box with the winning Wahoo. Put out the spread and 2 minutes later it was on. Reel screaming first thing in the morning had our hopes way up. About 30 seconds later the dental floss that was used to spool the reel snapped with a loud heartbreaking crack. Reset and back on the troll and that rod was shelved for the day.

We trolled out to 300 without a bite. No big deal well get them on the way home. We put out the ballyhoo and started the hunt for the prize winning Mahi. And we trolled…And we trolled… And we found nothing. Ocean was blue, flyers were everywhere, some scattered grass, and absolutely no Mahi.

Break out the SST via the Garmin and XM and we see a small temp break. We turn the boat and head that way. Midway through the area we pick up our first fish. A nice gaffer dolphin. First fish in the box. Not a winner but he got the skunk off the boat and our spirits were lifted. About this time we decide to head to the 380. Turn the boat again and start that way. And listen to a little Johnny Cash of course.

Then it happens… reel screams and what jumps skywards… Marlin. Blue? White? Who knows but he was huge! After a 30 second hookup he pops off… then wham another reel screams… Marlin is back on! For the next 20 minutes we battle him. We gain line… he takes line. Then all the sudden he takes o

Great read glad you got on em.

We drove around you as you were putting the high speed baits it

Nice catch. Patience pays off sometimes.

Looks like a great day Way tobring the table fare home

Nice haul. I saw you guys pass by us on the way out of the harbor. We never did find the school. Only boxed 2 for the day, and no luck with the high speed wahoo search. Finally broke out the bottom gear to bring home dinner.

Never Satisfied

Thanks guys. It was a slow day and if we had not found that rope I am not sure what the total would have been but 3 would have been a stretch. We did cover some ocean out there.

Great day! nicely done

Nice work

17ft Ankona
30HP Tohatsu
28ft Scout
Twin Yamaha 250s

Thanks Tom. Good to see you out there again. Did not realize that you still had the Scout. Hope to see some more reports from you this year!

very nice