5-18 Beautiful Sea and great fishing!

Great ride out and started trolling for Kings in about 60-75’ range. Five minutes in hooked a “smoker” quickly ran off 100yds or more line, but the hooks pulled out so continued trolling and caught one about 12pounds.After another 40 minutes we pulled trolling rods out and started bottom fishing, instant big vermillion double what came up following was amazing! 50-75 more big vermillion came all the way to side of boat! I dropped my rig in and doubled again! Threw a handful on squid beside the boat and they were eating on top of water. We had two limits in five minutes! We moved to another spot and got a nice 27" gag and several large BSBs. We moved to several different areas from 60-110’ and got another nice 34" Gag and lost 4 more we think were grouper, Big ARS as usual a nuisance, 4-20 pound plus, at least 15 caught (decending device works , only one big one floating for sharks) Ended day at 2:00 with our limits of vermillion, BSBs, Gag and one King plus 3 nice white grunts. :sunglasses:
Also when last Sunday (5-15) in same area 1-20pound king, 2 limits of Big Bsb(16-19"), 2 white grunts.

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What a great haul! I have never managed to find a pile of BSB this large…

Live bait, or Squid, for the Grouper?

Thanks yall! caught one on cigar/tipped with squid, the other on fresh cut bait.

We tried hard to target grouper with live porgies but the ARS and BSB wouldn’t give them a chance! `Eating grilled king fillets now for lunch, “Cajun Step” and homemade honey mustard… put a mahi to shame! Awesome with grilled seasoned taters/onions on side and baked beans.
Thanks to the admin. folks, like the new site… very easy to post Thanks!!!