5/29/11 on IT'LL DO

We headed out with a group of 6 including my 11 year old son. This is his third year offshore and loves to bark orders more than me in what everyone should be doing. He has a bucket list of fish he would like to catch and we will keep trying to check them off on every trip.

We headed straight out and found what appeared to be beautiful water but no fish were biting. In this area, we found schools of millions of jellyfish. I have never seen so many. We headed to the SW Banks to find the fish, then go to GTH if nothing was biting. We picked up 2 Banded Rudder fish, a reef donkey, and one dolphin. It did not look good.

We heard from a friend, fish were biting south. We picked up and ran 20+ miles to find the fish. After finding the area @ 11am, we picked up 18 more dolphin and finished the day with 19.

The ride home was smooth with the boat going over 45mph making the trip a quick one to the jetties.

Breaking Day

I attempted to take photos of the jellyfish. I needed a Go Pro

It got so bad we tried to pay the fish for a strike

Caught this one trolling

My son caught this dolphin on a spinning reel

Looks like your son had a good day. I had a great time fishing with you last Sunday. Let me know when you need another person to tag along. I sold the Scout this weekend so the hunt for a new boat is on.


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Had a great trip, minus sweating off all of my “sweatproof” spf50 and getting roasted. Learned a lot on the trip, caught a bunch of fish, and met some great folks.

Double and triple hookup that I can remember, with the little man yelling “ahh record this! this is awesome! Chinese fire drill!” made me feel like a pro back there, even if I wasn’t the handiest fella on the boat. Seeing the million jellies and watching dolphins school behind the teaser for what felt like 15-20 minutes was just incredible.

Highest # on the spedometer I saw on the run in was 48.1 [:0]

Appreciate the ride and the hospitality!

Glad ya’ll had a good day!
I hate I couldn’t be there.

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