5/29 Nearshore live bottom

A few days late. Mom and I headed out at 830am for a quick trip on Memorial Day (Thanks to all of our heroes and their families)…beautiful ocean. Hit a number 9 miles south of the rocks in ~50’ that I haven’t fished in over ten years. First and only anchor attempt ended with us directly over the fish…caught a bunch of borderline blackfish, kept a handful of nice knotheads and a BIG grunt (thought it was a shark, also caught 2 of them). Spanish came up a few times but not for long at any one time, we didn’t mess with them. Back to the dock at 12:30 after a fun morning of non stop action. Mom fished with squid until we ran out, then switched to cut pinfish. I exclusively used an 80g slow pitch jig (not tipped with anything)…I caught less but larger fish on average compared to bait…my hookup ratio greatly improved after 30 mins, once I removed the clear hard plastic barb protector on the jig ; )

Nice job Sailfish and those getting the site cleaned up and moving back toward the good old days. Much appreciated.


Great report, and AGREED on the thanks to Sail 23 and the rest…

Please keep the ““old”” fishing areas coming, and your techniques.

Love what you said about the jig catching less fish, but larger fish, like the King Mackerel fishing, larger Kings like live bait, and smaller will go for dead or artificial too.

Excellent, sounds like a day well spent.

Sounds like a fun trip.

Thanks for your report!

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