50 Cast Blast

Tuesday night at the Crab Bank 5 passes and cooler full, Shrimp were mixed about half nice shrimp the rest smaller. Numbers were good on every pole, I think if all were large we would have been done at 40 or less cast. The old men strike again, me 64 in a month and partner 84 a week ago with new pacemaker got him back in gear. Picture is of my half as phone was dead when we got home. Go get em they are there!

I was about to say that looks light for a full cooler. 64 isn’t that old but definitely old enough to feel it, but 84 is impressive. What bait mix do you use?

We used a 5 galloon bucket of clay and 1/4 bucket of meal which ended up with 68 patties.

Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it!

Where can I get one of those pacemakers? My don’t work that well!

maybe the pacemaker is used like a bell crank, just scoop um up

I sure hoped I’m blessed enough to be able to shrimp at 84!! Good job!