58,220 Kia

It puts it a little bit more in perspective seeing all the names.
And then there’s probably that many more that has died prematurely from injuries / wounds, agent Orange. Taking their own lives.


Thanks otc , I might go and see if I can find some of my buddies names.We had one guy down on the waterfront that had the nickname agent orange.

Saw that a few years ago. It definitely hits you when you see all those names.

Guest speaker.Marine lieutenant.
Said he would not be alive today if it was not for Ralph h Johnson.
He was 1 of the Marines that was in the foxhole when PFC Johnson jumped on the grenade.
The lieutenant also being from the low country. In a later battle the lieutenant was severely wounded losing his eye right arm and a number of other injuries.
What is so disheartening. The lack of young people showing up for the ceremonies. Probably only two or three people out there under the age of 50.

Saw it in 2018, have a connection with Doc


God bless his soul

Based kid

Doc kinfolk ???

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Went to the closing ceremonies for the wall this afternoon.
At the end of the ceremonies they had an open mic for anyone that wanted to go up and talk about their buddies that they lost. Several of them went up to speak. Couple of couldn’t speak beyond the tears and had to go sit back down.