6/10 big red

Got off work early and ran out for a bit. Folks were crowded around dynamite hole so I rode up bout half mile and was anchored on inside real close to the rocks by 2. Think high tide was 12:15. Fishing a live blue crab on bottom Carolina rig, hooked up with something large saw it from about 25ft away, pretty sure it was a med shark. Hook came out after about 2 min, was using a 5/0 since I didn’t have any 8/0 in my box. Oh well, if it was a shark then it saved me some hassle.

Started working a white grub by the rocks but nothing on that. Switched to a Berkeley gulp. Shrimp 3" and hooked UP! I love those freaking baits, I’ve caught so many different species in them.

Luckily I was able to kung-foo grip is bottom jaw to pull him in boat, time I got a boca grip. Was solo so the pic isn’t great. I didn’t take the time to measure it but wish I had. Back in water and on her way just fine.

2002 17’SeaHunt


very nice

Nice fish goose.

2005 Sea Hunt 212 Triton
“Head East”

Very nice fish. Get a collapsible handle dip net. “IMHO” bocagrips are hard on those bigger fish.