6-15 a good day to knock the dust off

I had about 2+ years of dust build up on my offshore tackle and I had just about forgot what it was like to have Mahi-Mahi in the freezer. So we decided that I would try and get a crew together. So with no luck the wife and I decided that we would go and try to get the job done our self. After running 25+mph we were seeing flyers in 145’ near the SWB we dropped 4 lines in and committed to dragging bait and what did I forget?.how fast was I supposed to be trolling?.dangit. Never the less I had it figured out with a little bit of trial and error and in time we began picking up fish. It was a good day to be in a 21’ boat, not that i wouldn’t rather be in a much bigger boat we were able to get the skunk out of the boat and started to watch the bottom of the cooler disappear. After a few Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo and loosing another nice Wahoo at the boat, we were able to land a black fin tuna who had lost his tail in a shark battle on his way back to the boat. It was time to head back in before we were reported as being over due. All in all it was a good day to spend with my wife not counting when smoke came bellowing out of the cabin due to a faulty 1200watt inverter that shorted out and its insides fried while we were offshore. The thought of having a fire offshore while standing on a gas tanker was a bad feeling. Did I mention we were able to cruse in at 35mph for the ride back in except for the last 10 miles to the rocks that was a little disheartening. O bye the way we seen flyers and some broken weeds in the shallows around 47’ I believe it was, on the ride back in. It was nice meeting Bryson today, always good to meet a fellow fisherman. Good luck everyone catch em up!

Two plus years, dang, how doe’s this happen. I can’t wait for mahi season to come around being I suck at bottom fishing. Good the wife went with ya, makes me jealous.


Time eat my words, that was a Bonito not a black fin. What a terrible fishing man. Dang it… :slight_smile:

2001 21’wa Hydra Sports 200yammi 4stroker

What was the total?

Good to meet you Chris! Glad you guys had a better day than us – was certainly a beautiful day on the water though. Congrats on a good (and safe) trip!