6/25 Diving and Sharks

Finally got out for one of the first dive trips of the year and we were greeted with BLUE water and world class visibility in 100ft. There were plenty of nice fish around and we saw our top 3 list freediving and then some more awesome fish on scuba. We had non stop confrontations with big sharks throughout the entire day. Several different spots and big aggressive sharks everywhere we went. I have seen more sharks in this last 2 years than previous years diving here. I enjoy the interactions but for shark wary divers and beginners make sure you are diving with good buddies and stay calm this time of year b/c they are out there thick right now.

Type of sharks??

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What did y’all end up putting in the box?

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Sandbars and Bulls

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Type of sharks??

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The type with sharks teeth in their mouth!

We bottom fished in 90’ last week and sharks were thick

The sharks have definitely been more prevalent the last few years. Last year was especially bad and this year is shaping up to be as bad if not worse. I don’t know what the bunny-huggers are talking about because I see no lack of sharks out there. I only kill them in self-defense, but I’ve had to kill my fair share of them the since last year. Hate that.

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