6/28 and windy

Got out of Shem creek at first light and ran to the ICW. Stopped to get some bigger than I wanted Haden, but settled w what I had so I could try this early morning top water bite for the first time. Had several blow ups, and seen a puppy red come out the water at it but only managed a bluefish. Moved to another creek and caught these 3

The bigger trout ate a MM, flounder and the other trout ate (about) a 5" Haden. I still dont understand how that trout ate him but I had the bait free lined so I got to watch the trout chase him around a second before he knocked it out the water and ate him!! All about an hour before High tide, the action ended as fast as it started… After that the little sharks moved in and took over.

Gota love it when a plan comes together!:smiley:

Nice high tide catch! Gotta love those bait busting mini sharks…aggravating they are!

Fishing Nerd

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