6/3-Reel Estate-Mahi with Bikinis & Bananas Video

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/b6XPZP2UU8M
June 3, 2017 - At 1:00am, Chelsie, Christy, Tommy, Stanley, Chippy and Tom left Moncks Corner for Remely’s Landing and pushed out to the South towards Edisto Banks to a 3 day rip to catch some dolphin. This is the first time Tom (Offshore Office) has been offshore since 2015 and the first time on a center console since 2012. With little to no wind it took an hour to arrive at the ledge.We got lines out by 05:30am and started the morning with a little high speed trolling for wahoo. As we pushed towards the 226 towards 700ft of water we put the dolphin spread out. As we trolled all morning searching for fish we came across bonita feeding frenzies and a giant hawksbill turtle. Then we had a school of porpoises that started doing figure eights in front of the boat as the girls looked over the bow in their bikinis and “fed the dolphins”. We then discovered that Ricky had left some Banana Boat sunscreen on the boat. We got rid of it immediately and within 10 minutes had Tommy hooked up to a bull dolphin. Next Tom hooked up to another bull dolphin. Then Chelsie got hooked up to a dolphin on the wayback cedar plug. Finally, we ran through a school of bonitas and got Christy and Chippy a double header.

17ft Ankona
30HP Tohatsu
28ft Scout
Twin Yamaha 250s

Great job on the video Tom… it was great getting you back out there! You always produce great videos!

266 sailfish twin 200 hpdi