6/4 on the Jacqueline II

Loaded up the 5 man crew and headed out of Remley’s at 4:45ish to a “think we’ll be ok on the weather kinda day” Decided to head straight for the ledge due to much discussion and thinking any rain is coming more south first. Found a small patch of weeds in 170’ and put em out pulled a p-nut off the weeds and thats all for about an hour. Made the decision to GO DEEP as the reports have been lately. So to the 380 we go… dropped in about 700’ and trolled out to 1100-1400’ worked the 1400’ for the rest of the day pounding out 7 total(one of which broke off and we side hooked on the drop back got both lures) and 3 unhooks. Had a bill come thru the spread twice(not sure if a blue or a white) slap at the inside riggers but no hook ups. Ran in to what turned out to be a sloppy rough soaking wet ride of 3 1/2 hours. All in all a good day even with a banana on board(we now do TSA bag searches for those who are not the normal crew)

The bananna man has to buy the fuel!

Banana man needs a azz kickin

If it fly’s, floats, or, friggs, rent it!