6/7 incredibly rough

Fished the Deli yesterday - big mistake. We left the dock at 4, got lines in at 8:15 after a very rough ride. At one point it was like a hole opened up under the boat - it just seemed to drop forever and do a belly flop. The slam was so hard it exploded the hinges on the starboard electrical box. When we started trolling guessing we were in 6-7 ft waves that looked like a washing machine. Wind did close to a 180 during the day. We could not find a weedline, temp break or rip. Trolled out to 400 ft with nothing, headed back in, managed to hook a kingfish on the planer, and a couple dolphin at about 140 ft with scattered weeds. Lesson learned - do not fish the day after a cold front pushes through.

Grady White 330 Express

gets scary at times…glad you’re ok