6-9 sailfish in a sailfish

My friend and I Headed offshore with every intention of getting our first billfish yesterday. We started trolling in about 200ft and didn’t catch our first dolphin till 400ft which hit the biggest lure in the spread. Kept heading offshore and saw a white or sail free jumping ahead of us so we start to get pumped. Got right where he was jumpin and the shotgun goes off, pick it up set the hook and… huge dolphin. We were dissappointed but kept seein billfish jump everywhere so half hour later the shot gun gets hit and dropped again (after 2 smaller dolphin jumped off) so I free spool thinkin id let the smaller phin eat it set the drag line comes tight and our first sailfish ever starts his dance. Ended the day 1 for 2 on sails and about 2 for 73 on dolphinn not to bad a day since we were in a 22ft sailfish haha p.s. lots of cool pics and short video of the release but noooo idea how to post them

2 for 73 on dolphinn not to bad a day

Tell me thats a typo!!!:smiley::smiley::smiley:
Good job on the sail though

do you have a photobucket account?

Negative on the photobucket account but can’t be to hard to get. It was more like 2 for 8ish. We had some really big ballyhoo rigged naked behind daisy chains and the smaller dolphin couldn’t quite swallow the bait.


miss’n fish’n

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