6 days an NO END in sight

Been 6 days now with no power with no end in sight. Haven’t seen a power truck come near the house yet. I’m sure it will take at lease 2 days to clear all the tree’s an replace poles an line.
Will take me about 2 weeks just for the yard if my back an chain saw hole up.

Oh well guess this is just one more of God’s little trail, know things are going to get better soon.

Hang in there, those guys are working their butts off. When they come through it will look like an invading army. Hopefully it won’t be long now.

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Are you served by an EMc/COOP?


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I would hope that an EMC/COOP would get their act together in quick order. I moved from an EMC…small coastal island. They had their act together and had our island patched up and waiting for the county to reach the large sub-station a few miles off the island. That was a large station and was priority. Once that was up we had power…normally days before those across our bridge did.

EMCs that I’m used to normally perform in these instances.

It is Edisto Elect in Barnwell. Know most of the guys that work there. Know they are working Hard. Just so many tree’s on the lines
an Poles broke that’s making things really hard for them.

I did there job for 28yr. Know how ICE really make things bad.

Will wait on them to get here an be thankful.