65° this morning

Got to the boat landing 07. (Cherry Grove Marsh)
Figured would have a couple hours before it got busy people going to church and all.
Bunch of heathens… Parking lot was full luckily there was one space left.
Low tide turning.
We ended up with 2 fat keeper flounder both around 20 in. We stayed busy with the little guys 6"- 12"
Nice little breeze to keep the gnats.
Back at the house by 1:00.

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Nice! Happy Father’s Day my friend.

Sounds like a nice day out. What were you catching them on?

Mud minnows. They were kind of small though. There was someone in all the creeks or I normally get mud minnows.

A smile from ear to ear, you definitely made his day.

That little guy is always smiling.
And most little kids after about 5 minutes get bored not this little guy.
His dad said when he got up this morning Carlito come out and said we going fishing. No son I got to go to work. He said okay maybe this weekend and then went back to bed.

Hardcore little man.

Nice Job! Got to put in 10 characters… Super nice job otc