7/19 - Diving and bottom fishing w/ food pictures

After striking out on grouper last week, we took advantage of good weather on Wednesday to run a little further and found what we were looking for. Not any bugs but we were after the big brown fish and got them. We messed around exploring alot of bottom and fished here and there but diving put most of the meat in the boat. It was such a beautiful day we didn’t know there was a monster storm on the coast until we heard ch16 blow up with pon pons for vessels taking on water due to weather. Fired up the satellite radar and tucked tail and ran for the jetties and barely made it between two nasty cells. Rob had a bit of a close call with a large hammerhead that followed him all of the way to the boat from the bottom, despite being jabbed a dozen times. That’s the 2nd hammerhead I’ve seen in the last 3 trips on reefs and that’s a bit unusual inshore of the ledge.
Glad we all made it home safely.

Grouper Cheeks!

Cheek Sandwich!

Nice work boys!


Oyster Baron

NMFS = No More Fishing Season

“Back home we got a taxidermy man. He gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung him”

Rob knows where there at for sure! Intense diver, and gets work done!

Nice job! I am not a diver so I am curious what the visibility is when you seen the HH and at want point do you worry about that HH? Any sharks ever get aggressive when you diving. I’ll just tell ya I am going to have to do my fishing from the boat!

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at want point do you worry about that HH?

Answer: When they look hungry and look at you as if you are food...

In hindsight I probably should have shot that hammerhead. Super aggressive, The only thing keeping him from taking a bite was the point of my spear.

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