Brought the boat down for family vacation and did some fishing in between doing things with the family. I bought my bay boat back during the winter and have been trying to learn as much as I can since then. Took my 10 year old little cousin out several days and he had a blast at the jetties just catching small black sea bass, sharks and other various fish. Took him in the creeks several days with frozen shrimp on the bottom and he caught his fair share of whiting and croakers. Thursday was our last day but also the best day for my dad and I. Went out that morning and caught some bait and fished in the creeks around IOP and managed some small reds in the 12-14 inch range. Nothing big but it was something. Went back and did some things with the family during the day and went back out Thursday evening. Dad and I both wanted to catch some fish on artificials and that is what we set out to do. Fished from the tide change to incoming until dark and managed to both catch our first saltwater fish on artificials! My dad caught a flounder on a Z-man slim swimz and I caught 4 trout on a zara spook. Dad lost a nice red on the slim swimz as well and I have close to a dozen trout blow up on my spook but didn’t take it. Didn’t get any pictures except for the flounder and the first trout and then the largest. None of the fish were huge by any means but they were our target species and we were just excited to catch some on artficials. Our family vacations always mean a lot to me because its about the only time of year I get to fish with my dad anymore due to him being so busy with his personal business and the farm and me being busy with my work and the farm as well. Us upstate boys are doing some learning and slowly but surely learning more and more:wink:



Great report. Thanks for sharing. Glad you got out there with your family.

Nice report and great to hear about your catching!! Sounds like you had a great vacation!