7/5 first

have been waiting for a window in which to target TTs with fishcrazy, but we decided not to go today due to big tides and wind. waded out to a spot after lunch instead, and lady luck handed me a bucket list item by the skin of its upper lip!

call this one a ‘Georgia slam’?

Thats a pretty awesome slam. Congrats on the TT!

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Very nice Barbawang. Great catch Sir :smiley:


That TT is the best eating fish in the bunch :sunglasses: Those things are good!

Capt. Larry Teuton
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Catching a tripletail is on my bucket list I saw a huge one basking in front of

Catching a tripletail is on my bucket list I saw a huge one basking out infront of Sumter. I am told live shrimp under a float is the ticket

I caught one in the castnet probably 8-9 years ago in the harbor shrimping.

Still can’t believe that happened! Congrats bud and we are still doing the tripletail trip as soon as the weather allows it!

WOW You caught that while wading , awesome while crabbing in Melbourne , Fl we used to see them around our crab floats He friend caught several in his gill net. One was about 25 lbs . Larry you are correct , they are probably the best tasting fish I have ever had .



That look like a fun trip right there! I’ve only ever seen a TT under the Shem Creek bridge waiting out some rain. Saw a TT and a Manatee within 30 mins of each other…was pretty cool. Nice work man!

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Nice catch buddy