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I put in at Paradise around daylight looking for my first Top water experience. Well my uniformed top water lure purchase ended up being a suspended 2-4’ lure so I ended up with zero on that try. The shrimp were out in force but I also forgot my bait bucket so I kept a few alive in the kayak and decided to push on. The Reds were thick in the 1-2’ of water I was fishing and ended up hooking up with three on a cork but could only bring one to the boat. It was a monumental fight in shallow water but I eventually prevailed! Unfortunately the pig swallowed the hook. It swam off fine after a few minutes but I’m sure it didn’t end well. I will probably switch to circle hooks under a cork from now on. Are circle hooks the norm under popping corks now or is it just preference?[URL=http://s186.photobucket.com/user/rdsutherlin/media/red_zpsd174ae36.jpg.html]


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Nice fish and he may be just fine unless he was bleeding a lot. Yes, circle hooks under floats.

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I use circle hooks anytime I’m using live/cut bait. Whether it be on the bottom or under a cork.

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Which way do you head from the ramp? Try a zara spook jr, or a bomber badonkadonk for topwater plugs. Yeah a 1/0-3/0 circle is standard, it really varies based on bait size

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