8/12 - Stono

Left Sol Legare shortly after daybreak to a beautiful river. Plan was to grab some bait and go hit a couple of spots we’d marked deep in the Kiawah. Hit the bait creek and found…NOTHING? WTH?

Hit another creek…NOTHING? WTH?

One more…finger mullet and two small shrimp. Tried and tried and tried and couldn’t find a shrimp. So with a baitwell loaded with finger mullet and nothing else, we changed the plan. Time to hit some spots we’d been eying for a while.

Pulled up to the spot, sunk the power poles, and baited some floats with finger mullet and casted out. This was an exposed point of oysters, fresh clean water moving past, about 6’ deep off of the point.

First cast…BAM - 19" trout.
Second cast…BAM - 18" trout.
Fourth cast…BAM 19" trout.

This repeated for a bit until tide got up to about 1/2 tide and began to cover the oysters. Then one rat red and the trout stopped.

As water covered the oysters, I drug a finger mullet past the top of the oysters and picked up a nice 16" flounder. There’s my slam, in about an hour. Only caught 2 undersize trout, and the one small red. No other reds were caught.

Left the spot with them biting, and headed for the hill by 10AM with a release well full - 9 trout over 17" and the flounder. With plans of a gathering at my house that night, I brought them all home.

Got fish cleaned up, took a nap (thanks, wife!), and began frying fish around 5. My company showed up and we ate trout until we couldn’t any more…

What a great day of fishing… but the fellowship while enjoying the fruits of our labors was even better than the fishing.

Hmmm… My phone must have not been working that day. Weird…

Nice read

When provided with lemons,make lemonade! Not a bad morning for not getting live shrimp.

Thanks for the report. I had a hard time finding shrimp in my normal spots this weekend in the Stono as well. Still caught a few fish, but tougher than normal. I think all this rain has things a little off.

Sounds like a pretty good day in my book.

“Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It’s Hand”, but really, who cares?

Nice report,I liked the part about taking a nap