Fished around 60400 40175 pretty much all day… We had an awesome rip and TONS of flyers big ones, little ones, even the cricket sized ones … Pulled off one sail there. Had some wahoo cut offs… Really slow fishing. Then decided to ease inshore to cut our run down. Came over a break in 240 ft. Then a blue one comes in and we whiffed him on the pitch bait. Spun a round and went back to the break. A sail comes up on the teaser in my turn and we pulled him off… Frustrating day but glad to see that the billfish bite is still here. Honestly I think there was too much bait in the area we were fishing. It’s hard to get a fish to bite when there’s too much of the live stuff around… I guess?

How many cut offs did you have? If they were all actually wahoo you could have potentially put 3 or 4 of them in the boat and that’s a (**() good day! Keep some #9 (131lb) britewire (not coffee colored) and don’t be afraid to add an 18" section to your leader with a 130lb spro swivel when you’re getting cut off like that. Hell, one 60lb hoo will make a whole trip. I’ve found the sails will eat just fine on that brite wire as well. Learn how to rig ballys with monel/copper and no pin and it will increase your sail catch ratio as well.

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i don’t know wether to respond politely or go on an outrageous rant.

I want to hear a rant.

Right or wrong doesn’t matter on social media! Go on a rant for our entertainment at your credibility expense…!

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Oh man. I insulted your intelligence. I apologize. Feel free to rant if it makes you feel better.

Touche moved to Key West. I say we ban him.

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Oh man. I insulted your intelligence. I apologize. Feel free to rant if it makes you feel better.

You are officially band*.

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I want the rant too. Fwiw

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I want the rant, but only because I want PeaPod to be happy…