8/19 great day report

Was that the landing at 07. back at the house by 2. Fished Bonaparte Creek area & dunn sound. First stop 24" black drum. Couple reds & a trout 17" Moved on to the next spot. Couple more Reds & some small jacks. Moved on to the next spot. Another black drum and a couple more Reds. Then the daymaker. A baby Cobia 11". Was so excited about it forgot to tag him. Heading back stopped off and dunn sound. Another black drum & a sheephead. Tried to find a flounder but did not work out. Mullet was kind of scares but there was shrimp everywhere. The tally for the day was 3 black drum, 9 reds 12" to26" 1trout 1 Sheepshead . Took one red home for dinner that was gut hooked. All the others taged and release. Didn’t even get harassed by the jet skis. Just a great day on the water.

And no that’s not the guy from Wicked Tuna

That is a great day out. Good job…