8-20 the LEDGE

Left out from landing about 6:00am,cracking daylight, quickly got our live bait. The ocean was beautiful with nice ride out to the ledge. Started trolling @ about 8-9mph with ballyhoo and plugs. Caught couple of cudas, then port reel started screaming! Caught one on ballyhoo and another on a plug. Happy with the hoos put the trolling gear up and got on some good live bottom, caught several ARS (one 36"long beast!) finally got a good scamp and couple of small graysby grouper(released)and other bottom critters, got home early. Great ride in also @ 30-35mph. My friend Marty got his first wahoo and caught that huge ARS (Sad to have to release it)Thanks SE Council. You can see another ARS in the water behind the pic of the big one we were able to revive them with the salt water washdown hose running in his mouth and he took off!(thanks saw on shark week it worked!). I still have pleasant dreams of those wahoo runs with the reels screaming…love it!!!:sunglasses:

Well done. And welcome to the site.

“I’m not a hundred percent in love with your tone right now…”

Nice job.

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Good day right there. I love it when whoever is on the reel yells out “Im going to get spooled” on that first run. Gets everyones attention real quick.

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Did you and that Wahoo color coordinate this morning when you woke up? :smiley: Beautiful fish! Welcome to the forum. Good work!

Nice fishing day there. Check out the seaquilizer for getting bottom fish back down to depth.

NIce post! That’s some beautiful color on that fish. That wahoo should help make up for having to release that whopper ARS.

Thank ya’ll for the positive comments! The colors are so amazing soon as they come out of the water! (pics on the water are always the best to show the beautiful colors). We caught the first one @ 180’ marked it once we gaffed him circled back around and the second one hit within 100yds of the first,they looked almost identical! One was alitte longer the other was fatter (Mates maybe???). Both Were very tasty! Blackened on grill Wednesday and fried today, both ways great!!! :sunglasses:

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