8/8 hammerhead weekend report

Fished around the north edisto river inlet Saturday and caught some cool fish. Got some big mullet in a creek then started fishing at low tide. Cut up the mullet and started catching when the tide started coming back in. All fish caught on mullet, whiting and bluefish chunks.

Caught a few of these, maybe black nose shark? This one already had a hook in his mouth, someone cut the leader. The eye of the hook rusted, but the rest of the hook was perfectly intact. The hook broke at the eye as soon as I tried to remove it. Also looks like something got a bite at this guy’s tail. All hooks removed and it swam off strong.

I had a smaller piece of bait out trying to catch whiting and bluefish, but this guy nailed it. First for me, very cool little shark.

Caught a few more, including what looks like a smaller sand tiger shark. Had a big mouth and very pointy nose.

Few days later fished outgoing tide in thr Stono. Tons of bait all over and shrimp are bigger now. Caught a few redfish on shrimp under a cork. No luck on live menhaden or fresh blue crab on the bottom. Shrimp was the win

Looks like you had a great day. Good job removing those hooks.

Solid trip and nice pics.

Was that you in the Triton pulling out Saturday at Cherry Point around 4 or 5? Took the wife and kids to Privateer for a bit. Believe it was you I spoke to about your catch! I was in the doo-doo brown flats boat.

Nice pics by the way!

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Cool, you don’t see true hammerheads that often.

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Good trip. Don’t think I ever caught a hammerhead I could hold always big ones that wrecked my tackle

Very nice!

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