84' Evinrude 115 No Compression 1 cyl

Went to the lake on Sat. and as I was backing off the trailer the motor started shaking.
Thought it was bad gas and figured it would straighten out once on plane. NO GO…
Limped back to the landing and started pulling plug wires to check for a fouled plug.
Found 1 cyl that didnt make ANY difference with wire removed.
Pulled the plug to check for fouled plug and when the motor started it threw a spark that “TESLA” would have been proud of…
Took the boat back home and found 1 cylinder has “0” compression.
I need some rebuild help…Looking for a “local”{SC} exchange unit, entire motor or someone to rebuild the power head with a warranty…
Looking to get this done quickly. 2weeks max.
Looking online, reman exchanges are roughly 5k-bolt on and PH’s are 2300…
Any local help[Chas} would be greatly appreciated. I know Chris is up to his “eyeballs” right now…Thanks guys.

Call Daniel at Seel’s and see what he can find. 2weeks might not happen though.

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Thanks, CC…
Anyone else??

Try Fathom That Marine.

Double D.

Talked to Daniel at Seel’s and this is what he had to say.

  1. Reman powerhead $2552

  2. core charge $200

  3. install $1200

I know someone that has 2 79’ model 115’s. One is on a boat and the other is not. The spare motor is in good shape. He can hook it up and crank it for you if interested. Your controls and everything should interchange. Your t/t will work as well. It is a short shaft motor. Sent you a pm and email with my number if you have questions.

1720 KW 110 Johnson
16’ Bonito 65 Johnson

Thank ABUNCH CC. We’ll continue this convo. via PM.


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WOW…!!!Thanks, G…