A CHILD'S SMILE - UDC - 6/2/16

Folks, this is what a charter business is all about. It is in making your customers happy. Nathan and his daughter Lillie were very happy. They had fun and supper. I love teaching kids how to fish.

A lot of charter captains are all about the tackle and the boat, but the boat doesn’t catch fish.

Caught on live Mud Minnows.

Capt. Steve Fralin
Ugly Ducklin Charters
The Longest Established Inshore Fishing Guide at Edisto
Edisto Island, SC 29438
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843-908-2071 Cell

Great job Capt Steve! Capt Buddy B

Capt Buddy Bizzell
Edisto Palmetto Charters
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Being on the water is a blessing, catching fish is a bonus!

Sweet:sunglasses: That is what it’s about.

Capt. Larry Teuton
Swamp Worshiper

Great work UD!!!

Mark Ingle
NauticStar 1810 Merc 90