A few of the plugs I made recently

I like to leave the spawning fish alone here in the upstate , so I made some plugs of which most are around 7" long > now that the spawn is over I head back out .

Some of the lure are through wired and others I will install eye hooks for hooks etc. Several I have on the boat which I have done the swim test with the last coat of epoxy and about 40 I will finish when it gets to hot to fish :smiley:.

Tight lines ,Sid

nice work man…

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Downright Larry Dahlberg there.

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Thanks Bonzo and saltydog , it was a fun project with a few mistake but not hard if ya have the equipment .

My son and I are working on the same type lures from time to time. We have completed a couple. Just curious, do you add a belly weight or nail in the tail end to improve casting distance? Interested in what type of weights you use.

It’s a very fun project but hard to find the time to sit down and work on them for any amount of time.

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Goob , first off make drawing of what you do so you can copy what you find works for you . Several ways you can make your plugs , I’ll try to explain a couple .

Looking at a blank that has been turned , a copy of one that works good you drill a through hole and you can go through both ends or just one if using a drill on a lathe . For this I use a 5/32" bit . First thing is marking where the holes go and the lead also . Hole #1 is for the plastic eyes if you want to use them or you can paint them on .

Hole #2 is for a swivel or Stainless steel wire .042 to .062 made like a small paper clip if you are filling around it with epoxy . this is a place for a ring and hook .
Hole 3 is for lead , sometimes a 1/4 oz split shot or hot melted lead poured in after the through wire is in place but you could re-drill after pouring lead .

To find where to put the weigh is a matter of taping different weights in different places on the plug to get the action you want .Then mark where you had weights and make notes of how much . I have a postal scale for this . You will have to put your hooks in place with eye screws while doing this test to get an accurate swim motion . Try and use the same wood each time after you make a template of a working lure so your results will be the same .

Some people dip the fresh turned plug in mineral spirits and spar varnish 1/2 and 1/2 mix . Let it dry for 24 hours and prime with Zinger exterior water base paint .

You can drill a bigger hole in the tail and use a tail weight of different sizes which you can buy from http://www.njtackle.com/ and buy lots of other needed lips etc.

It all takes a bit of experimenting and some lures I have gave up on and trashed . I have one plug I have painted 4 times and it is still not finished . Two times I messed up the paint job , one time I dropped it after a perfect paint job (WET) fourth time I had it just right and it had the