A little Advice would be nice.

Just curious guys… I have been fishing around the jetties since i moved here about a year ago with a buddy in his 16’ Key West. I just recently picked up a 19’ Deep V Sylvan. The previous owner said that he had taken the boat up to 35 miles or so off. Well… some different fishing other then black bass , reds , and trout would be nice… any suggestions? Thanks in advance…

Sylvan 19 Pro Select Merc 115

in a 19’er pick your days. If it were me i wouldnt go mush past the 60. 4KI is good. PLay it safe so you can fish again

I have heard both of those are good spots… got any numbers i can plug into the GPS to help me get to them?

Sylvan 19 Pro Select Merc 115


Here is a good place to get started. Congrats on the new boat.

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Thanks guys… Went out this morning ventured about 12 or so miles off to a few reefs a buddy of mine had in his GPS… hooked up on black fish all day … about mid day the bite for big reds were on landed about 12 in all, most over slot size but a few went in the cooler. biggest at 38" weighed in at 19lbs caught on 8lb test, ( now that was an adventure) will post pics later tonight … and again… thanks

Sylvan 19 Pro Select Merc 115

Be careful there Feelinknotty.Red drum are NOT legal to keep in fed waters.IE past 3nm from shore.:wink:

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The ones that were caught were actually inshore… the black bass how ever were caught a little further out… :slight_smile:

Sylvan 19 Pro Select Merc 115

Spades at 4KI are a blast. Certainly doable in a 19’ boat on calm enough days. You owe it to yourself to try that out.


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