A must before hunting season

Other than the shakes, I’d say a misaligned scope is the biggest reason for hunters missing deer.(imo) At a bare minimum run at least two rounds on a target before taking a rifle to the stand. Doesn’t have to be a fancy target, just make sure you are zeroed in at what ever range you are shooting in. I’ve heard it too many times, I had it zeroed in last year. Why is it off? Can not answer that for anyone… in transit… the wife dropped it while cleaning around it… ??? I know most careful hunters return their rifle to a safe and it never gets touched, but still a good idea to check it. on another issue, remember to check it if changing bullets. I got an 1 1/2" drop going from a 150 to a 130 grain.

This is my .270 at 100 yards with 130 grain core locks. Glad I have a few rounds left, hard to find right now.


This is definitely good advice. A few years ago while cleaning my rifle I got some oil on the scope mounts, and when I went to sight it in the scope shifted backwards on me by about 1/8” per shot. It was nice to be able to correct the problem before I went hunting!

“The shakes” When you stop getting buck fever is the day you should hang it up.

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You’re probably right 23. The only time I seem to get the shacks is if I hold the crosshairs on something too long. Wife won’t let me do a head mount in the house so I let most bucks walk and go for the tasty meat. I still want to take one buck over 200# 194-196 is the heaviest I’ve taken.

I think I get more excited when I hook a Big fish and get to guess what it is by the way it fights.