A new take on Doctors and covid

I’ve got a couple of friends in the medical field and I was privy to a new take on the Covid fiasco. Back in the day most every doctor was independant and would speak his or her mind about what they thought was best for their patients. Those days are mostly gone now as most doctors are owned by the Hospitals and must do what they are asked to do, even if it means they have to bite their tongues and go along with the “boss”. If this was not the case, I don’t think we would have had many recommending taking the vaccine and more pushing treatment for corona and alternative remedies. The few that did go against the media and big pharma got black listed. More of this to come as this is the new age of medicine.

Whining out the old. I’m sure h’ell be whining in the new.

one who cries or complains easily or often

Even 50 years ago docs were using the phrase ““I COULD lose my license””, and acted too cautiously out of fear then too.

I go with natural docs opinions mostly, and they give examples by the thousands of so called ““good”” docs selling out to the AMA etc.

MANY hundreds of natural MD’s risk their careers constantly for the sake of HONESTY in medicine. They have contemplated this day so long they know how far they can LEGALLY go, and they hold the legal side for their protection.

The Congress passing laws to protect citizens(in the past, not now) actually opened the door for GOOD NATURAL docs to protect us, of course the changing of the Constitution reduces the number of protective laws for citizens annually???

The FAUCI CASE is a prominent example of ignoring the moral codes and the Constitution in favor of CORRUPT POWER moves and money!!!%%#%@