Abapoola Creek

Does anyone fish the Abapoola Creek?

No fish. Do not waist your time. Definitely, with out a doubt. Just terrible. So many other places. What ever you do, don’t even try :wink:

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I am sensing a lack of truthiness in that last post. Of course I have no idea where Abapoola creek even is.

I’ve shown property off Abapoola. . it’s off the Stono River back behind Kiawah. The homeowner said he catches Redfish all day long in that creek. It would be a great place to fish on a windy day cuz you’d be protected on all sides.

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I live on Abbapoola and the fishing is fair in the spring, bad from now to the fall due to high water temps, it’s a shallow creek and there is no deep water for them in the summer, and then picks up when water temp comes back down. Like every creek there are trout in the fall but we usually get in the boat and go to the Kiawah if we are serious about fishing. Try live mullet in 8-12 feet of water during the hot weather.

yeah i used to fish it every weekend but i havent in forever and was just wondering. I mean are there even fish in there in the dog days of june, july, august?

A few decent reds but I haven’t found many lots of undersized reds but they don’t live long in the hot days if you cannot get them back in less than 15 secs a few scattered whiting on the bottom again better in Sept and better in the main Stono or Kiawah