About That Time

Again… Slipped out early Saturday to try for some sheepshead on some new-to-us docks with fiddlers, only managed one that my buddy got almost immediately. That was a bust so we switched up to the blue tailed grass bass and caught a dozen or so dinks in a like 2 hours. Incoming and clear water about 72°. Back home cleaned up by 1030am! Water starting to cool down means the fishing is going to heat up! I love this time of year, gotta get through this shutdown this week and it’s about to be on! Oil pump for my boat will be in tomorrow, I’ll have it going asap… Lets go!



Oh boy… now all I need is a little time for the install… that’s not asking too much is it?! Dam a Shutdown!

Did y’all get the power back up today as scheduled?It must be about that time,I think opti was out there fishing today.That guy was catching them one after another. I caught enough for lunch and got home early.

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Yessir, all cleaned up, back together and fired up. All is well and im not on call this weekend. Boat repairs and barn doors hang kind of weekend for me, gonna slip in the landing at least once too if at all possible. Wrap up side job next week and its time to rip some lips!

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Sounds like you’ve been busy and versatile with work and fishing. Nice report