Acorn drop

Not sure what everyone else is seeing, but our live oaks are a total loss on acorns. I’ve seen some water oaks dropping, but no Live oaks? Usually they start dropping mid oct and are loaded till mid November ish. I remember years they were minimal, but never completely missing. I’m seeing this in Coleton County and also some lower state counties. Maybe the drought we had?

Sat a White Oak knoll down in the swamp yesterday evening, plenty of acorns on those, and the Red Oaks in the area.

The Water Oaks in my yard don’t have near the acorns they usually do though.

The hurricane knocked a bunch down in our area. Deer didn’t come to corn for several weeks after that.

I have 20 or so oaks in my yard with over half being live oaks and they have not produced this year either. All of the other oak species have plenty.

I’ve done a little scouting in the forest and have only found mostly laurel and water oaks and a few red oaks dropping.

We had the same here with other Oak species, just no Live oaks. Strange, I’ve talked with a few other land owners in my area and the same thing. Live oaks are a prime source of food for most all our outdoor vegetarian critters. We are all speculating the late season drought. :question: I’ve seen slim years, but never a complete lack of em.

Well at least our Live Oaks have acorns on them this year. Watched a few deer in my front yard along with the squirrels eating them. Still kind of odd with a few trees having None?