Actual New Channel at Bushy

So, I’ve launched from Bushy 3 times since the dredging has been completed. I have been staying dead-center as I leave the ramp, and when i get close to the end, the water really gets shallow again. Anyone else experiencing this? The next time I lauch from there, I’m going to take some time and find the heading that keeps me in deep water. I have pointed towards Daybeacon 30, the stacks and to the right of the stacks with the same result. Let me know if ya’ll have a good trackline outa there. Thanks

Just follow the same path you did before dredging.
And you’ll be good.
Of course, if you got one of them fancy new depth finders ,that’ll help.
I just dropped a few decoy weights on some shotline myself.

Here you go bud.

Perfect Stump! Thank you.

Just send it, Ray!

Trim up - Throttle down!:grinning: