Adam’s PB redfish on my boat

Went fishing last Wednesday. Had Adam on my boat along with a special guest who had a YouTube channel that I really enjoyed because of the information and technics that he and his wife would share. When they got pregnant they sold their boat and simply disappeared. I found him on Instagram and we arranged a day where he could fish with me.

Very tough conditions. We fished from mid outgoing, endured the slack and got to fish a bit of incoming in and around Price Creek.

When you pull up to the landing and you see one trailer there at 8:00 it should be a sign that something is going to be off. North East winds blowing 15 mph was probably the reason.

Three guys all fishing artificials and we managed four trout. Both of mine were dinks. But my guest caught one 17.5 and a slot red. Adam caught an undersized trout and then on his very last cast of the day he hooked up with his (on my boat) PB redfish at 27 inches.

I know a lot of you don’t watch YouTube videos so I do try to make an effort to put this in “Fishing Report” type form as well.

For those of you who do watch local YouTube videos will probably get a kick out of it and also a chance to understand why this nice couple simply disappeared off the internet.

Anyway, as per usual the video is posted at the top for those interested.

Kerry Browning

Let me see what I can do about getting this great report into preferred status on the Homepage.

Thanks for all your hard work and especially for taking the time to post and share information as much as you do.

Keep up the good work sir,


Hahaha I honestly didn’t know that page existed until you sent Harold the link. Looks like three of the other YouTubers made the cover. Guess I need to post a pic but I’ve been trying to figure that out for over a year.