Adjustable floats on braided line

I used to use adjustable floats fishing for trout in water 15 to 30 feet deep. The floats I am talking about used a knot firmly tied to the main line that would stop a plastic bead that would in turn stop the float. The knot could be wound on the reel and allow the main line to be completely recovered rather than stopping at the float depth. Can this rig be used on braided line? I have been catching trout in 15 to 20 feet of water and I want to rig up some of these floats from years ago but don’t want to waste time and money if the braided lines are too slick to hang onto the knot. Anybody tried these with braided lines?


Sure it’ll work, I tie my own knots with spider wire 60lb test, I don’t use the premade knots wound up on a small piece of tubing,they unravel. I also like the little football shaped rubber thingys that come prethreaded on a loop of small wire which allows you to get it on your line.

The rubber footballs will get cut in half by braided line. Tried it.
Never tied a line knot to braid but it may work to stop the bobber bead.

I splice a floro leader to my braid in order to use the rubber footballs BUT my leaders are only 7 to 8ft long & not nealy as deep as you may want.

Have you tried tying a rubber band, or a piece of dental floss on the braid, as a bobber stop?

Yes they’ll work on braid, and they are all I’ve run (cork wise) for the last 4 years or so. Its unbeatable to be able to switch from fishing 12" deep to 12’ deep in one swift change between casts. I use the plastic beads and also put one on the underside of the float as well. Helps pretect the polomar on the swivel. Look at my Sunday Drivin’ pic, those are Billy Bay adjustables! Love em! :+1:

My granddad always just used a piece of a rubber band.

Stump covered it, beats the heck out of a fixed popping cork. can reel down to the bait for precise delivery, etc.

typical slip corks with the pre-tied thread and bead work fine on braid down to 6lb, i usually add a short fluoro leader

Also: those tiny beads will not reliably ride over a braid to leader connection, even a well trimmed uni to uni.

I use a swivel as the bottom stop with a really short leader.

Alternatively, you could just wind on 25’ of uni to uni leader material and run the slip cork on that

Great point and I cant believe I left that out…

Casting with the shorter leader absolutely helps with accuracy in casting.

Thank all ya’ll. The wife and I were out just burning some boat gas on Monday and found an interesting location. It looks like part of an island had been shaved off. We ran over the bottom with down view and side scan. The water was 30 to 35 feet with lots of stumps and some horizontal logs. We were marking lots of fish around the structure. As luck would have it, we had zero fishing gear with us. We are going back Friday or Monday with shrimp and sliding floats. I will let ya’ll know if it pans out. I am thinking this formation was the result of hurricane Mathew. What makes it even more interesting is you have to get in at high tide and leave before half falling.

Those are the best spots!!

Sweet, take some pics.