ADMIN, look here please

For the last year or whatever, this site has gotten more and more cumbersome and difficult to use. Its the single biggest reason you’ve lost so much traffic. People are tired of trying to post here and use this fishing site as a resource. It took me ten minutes to figure out how to post a picture this morning, and I’ve been a member of this website FOR FIFTEEN YEARS! The tools you have here do not work efficiently, and haven’t for quite some time. If you want to be a legitimate fishing resource for Charleston, you need to make this LESS COMPLEX and EASIER TO USE. 90% of the original posters here, which drive your traffic and therefore your ad revenue, are gone because of how painful it is to use this site. Please revamp this thing and make it right. This is 2021; let’s go.

–The pages are super slow to load even when there are no images on it-FIX IT.
–Uploading pictures to posts is hit or miss. More than 50% of the time, I get the stupid ERROR code with NO EXPLANATION as to what’s wrong-FIX IT.
–Randomly it won’t let you post anything. This happens on a new topic and less frequently on an already started topic-FIX IT.
–Computers these days are much faster. There’s no reason to only load like 10 topics at a time. Load them all based on the time period the user selects (Last day)-FIX IT.
–Avatars don’t work 90% of the time. Look around. This is day one stuff and SHOULD NOT BE COMPLICATED-FIX IT.
–The Home page has potential; its not terrible, but its in the wrong order. People come to for information. It should be: Weather, Tide, Sponsors, Fishing Content. In that Order-FIX IT.
–And the background should be the same format as the forums-FIX IT.

I’ve sent you two emails over the last month on this with ZERO response-FIX IT.

All of this is said with frustration, and love. I’ve loved this site over the years and met some great people here. But this must be said. You are killing what this site has become over the years.

And you should be allowed to edit your posts at any time.-FIX IT

If someone posts after you, you can’t edit your post.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

YEP !!!

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

22 life’s a day

If I cared enough I would post the exchanges I have had with the current admin, there have been a couple. After I posted on the other “Yo Admin” thread about them not giving a rats arse about the website and were just farming clicks to sell personal information they contacted me back. Imagine that.

Another time we had an exchange was when they put a couple of “posers” in time out and changed my name from Head Administrator to just EF. I offered my services at moderation at which time the conversation abruptly ended and no reply since. Again, surprise surprise.

That’s the main reason I post my fishing pics buried in other threads, so they don’t pimp me out like they are doing every single one of you guys that post a report her. All give and no take. Although a “southern man doesn’t need Neil Young around anyway”, Mr. Young was still spot on when he said he wasn’t going to be a “Joke for Coke”. I just don’t want my reports and hard work pimped out, thats all.

As You Were

Several times I have attempted to start a new thread and when I click “post”, I get the little red circle with the line through it. Very frustrating and one of several reasons I come here less than I used to. Kind of defeats the purpose if you can’t easily start a thread. Really sucks, this used to be a great site.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

I didn’t realize that Andy no longer owns the site. That explains a lot.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

What they said. Sadly this sight has moved backwards with Technology rather than moving forward.

To whom it may concern:

23 Sailfish IS the backbone of this site.

Lose him it will go to hell FAST!!!

He stayed when others left, so he MEANS it when he says he cares.

You lost TOO MANY good posters to Facebook, so bring em back by improving your business, not just for profit.

The ole days are gone. The new day is challenging, but tighter rules and more friendly discussions and eqmt. could make it fun again.

all of you i met from here are jerks

my download speed is 100K+ mbps. how can this site be so slow? skinnee nose how to unravel why the overlords are throttling the site speed. i suspect it’s nefarious

i made that jerk part up. my only friends are on here.

precongrats on 2 pages. you still won’t get any satisfaction though

Glad you pointed that out Pea. Mine is actually over 200 and this site is around 10…why?

Glad I’m not one of those jerks.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

Haha, obvious alias, and I know who you beez… Try not to have another meltdown… My bet is you’ll deliver one eventually with your churlish demeanor…

RBF Radicals Blame Foxitis

*** My valuable insight, wisdom, and truth is the inspiration for many signature lines, tantrums, and meltdowns…

We have a liar, because this post totally contradicts the text 23 sent back to me regarding this site…interesting!

I forget what I said, but I probably bashed it pretty hard. Its so frustrating…

Still waiting on an ADMIN response.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

So now you have let the cat out of the bag, who are you? Or who were you on this sight? Bob thinks you are an alias for me…

I just “knocked” a little louder this evening.

I don’t think they heard us before.

Or they don’t give a rats fat pattootie

Hows the fish pond? Mines got some trophy frogs in it right now. I’d post a picture, but nahhhhh.

I got to wondering this afternoon. Because when I come to the site it just goes to the topic page. So I never see advertisements. So I went to looking. I noticed I have several PMs couple over a year ago.
Don’t always carry my phone. but do check it a several times a day.
Sorry if I didn’t answer . I wasn’t being an ass.
Oh crap I’m going back and see if I can find the homepage now…

Okay I’m back I found it.
Now l see what y’all were talking about the featured post.
Sumpknocker is the celebrity of the day…

22 life’s a day

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

22 life’s a day

Forums are not dead but this one sure seems to be on the outs since the “make-over”. I’m curious to see what the new owner(s)? do with the list of actual complaints. I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet but I’m eyeballing it from time to time… This place can definitely use some TLC.

Fishing Nerd

“No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool… nothing else.”

…well, some fishing too!

It doesn’t appear as though they care.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

This forum seems to be on autopilot . I wont last this way I would never again consider purchasing a sponsorship. I know long time members that block their children from seeing some of the bad things on here. The TOS is not enforced

Please read: do not respond to the political forums trouble makers that spew filth and sewage with their name calling and constant insults. It feeds their sickness and harms this site as EF and others have noted

I see what you did… Maybe? But didn’t you declare yourself Head Admin a few weeks back? You knocking on your own door?

i got bonzo to work up a new site logo. ready?..