Advice for a visitor?

Hey guys, I’m coming down from Lexington to IoP for the week with the family and hope to get in a little fishing if I can. I’ve been down before and tried around Morgan creek near the marina and also some of the marsh behind IoP right next to Breach Inlet. Was throwing gulps with popping corks (laugh if you want, it’s ok) and frozen shrimp on the bottom and caught a couple (flounder/reds), and had a great time. I’m an inland fishing guy and freshwater fly fisher so not overly knowledgeable about the best location or method for catching a few while on vacation near IoP in a Kayak (fairly experienced kayaker and can cover a decent distance for using a paddle).
Any suggestions on locations or methods is much appreciated (use mud minnows, etc…?).
Many, many thanks to anyone who is willing to respond!

Bait is thick and water is warm right now. Bring a cast net, find deeper water, fish early or late. I’m far from an expert but it’s been working for me…

Lots of docks to fish back there. You might want to try putting a mud minnow on a jighead and just casting out and bouncing it back along the bottom on your retrieve. Also, be careful padding around Breach Inlet, that water can get going pretty fast when it is flowing out.

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