Advice?...just bought a used boat

I just bought a used 2003 Triton from a guy in Georgetown County, I’m in Berkeley. I would like to get everything done as soon as possible so hope to drive to Ft. Johnson. What do I need? I have the signed title for the boat and motor, the copy of the 2022 tax receipts from Georgetown Co. (the decal expired in July), and have filled out the applications for new title and registration for the boat and motor. Anything else I need to do? I’ve only had two other boats. One I bought new and one I got from my daughter so there was no rush to get things done.

I think that you may have to go ahead and pay taxes on it your domicile county, Berkeley County. Check with the Berkeley County Treasurer or call ahead to Ft Johnson? Someone else should chime in.

yep you gotta pay taxes on it first. call auditor’s office in your county. then you take that reciept and your paperwork and go to ft johnson to pay more taxes! enjoy your new to you boat!

Made a mistake, the taxes were paid in May of 2022 and the sticker is good until May of 2023. That will help some, plus SCDNR and the Berkeley Co website says I can operate the vessel for 30 days after initiating the new title and registration and the county will send me a tax bill for the purchase. Looking better. Thanks for all the help. I’ll call both places tomorrow to make sure I’ll be doing things right.

I remember they wanted pictures of the boat and engine with hull number and serial number of engine and a bill of sale. They mailed the registration and sticker decals after paying DNR

Good luck

I took pictures of the hull ID and the motor serial number just in case. No need for bill of sale since I have the signed and filled out titles from the seller. I also have the original receipts from when he paid his last taxes and registration. It sure is confusing. I took a break from it and will start tomorrow making phone calls. With this cold weather there’s no big rush for me anyhow plus the wife is having surgery soon. While I’m sorting things out I’ll start changing some stuff. The boat I’m using now has two one year old Humminbirds with Navionics cards. The one I just bought has three older and smaller Lowrance units with different sd cards

Got it done. Took the titles to Moncks Corner. First stop was the auditor who calculated the tax, gave me a paper, and sent me to the long tax collector’s line. I paid the tax then drove to Fort Johnson where brought the copy of the paid taxes from the county, the titles, and the new application. I paid the excise tax and it’s done!

Gotta love it. Good new is you get to pay taxes again next january!