Advice on the Pogies, anyone?

Heading east to the coast finally after a couple year hiatus, can anyone point me in the direction of any concentrations of pogs out there, please? I know a few of the usual places but just wanted to reach out nonetheless and maybe see if i could reduce the bait search time.

Thanks in advance folks! and Happy Memorial Day!

We need a “Where’s the Bait” thread for those of us that aren’t local, just an idea.

Not sure about Pogies, but the ICW was full of Menhaden, from Breech Inlet, to the Harbor, the past several days.

Also, plenty just past the surf, around Sullivans, and IOP.

Thanks Mixed_Nutz! I really appreciate that! You da man!! I should have said menhaden, never dawned on me! Thanks again, made my day man! Cant wait to get salty!!!

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Cool! Let us know how you do… :slightly_smiling_face:

Waiting for pics and a report.