Aggressor 5-15

Fished in the 400’s in 180 to 250 ft. It was great fishing. Took Bennett and Hoffer construction. Lots of flyers and scattered grass. Got on them early and got to come home early. We kept 54 gadffers and released 9. Back at it tommorrow.

Aggressor Charters
(843)345-6274 Capt Michael’s cell

pictures on website

Do you ever take a break capt? what happened to the 60 on the dock?
must have been a slow day.well maybe you can get them tommorrow.

Great job. How was the ride Mike

Local Boy, Just having fun.


Good going on your day there.i tried calling you a few times but could not get you.

Capt. Grady Jeffery

planning on any of the gov. cup tournaments??

Good job AGAIN Capt Mike.We saw y’all and noticed you didn’t return any ch 65 shouts from your buds.They thought you were at the Hole.LOL.Not a bad idea.We caught all the gaffers we could hold 2nm further out.Keep the reports coming.Some folks need a little cheese with their whine.

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I want to apologize for sheepshead slayers comments. He’s my 13 year old nephew who’s a little to eager to get into the game. He’s been benched until further notice!

I think the site finally realized how valuable the local charter boats are to this forum in providing up to date catch information and most of these charters are very willing to help out us little guys. When they are attacked there is a lot who will jump to defend.:wink:

I doubt it bothered Mike to much.

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