Alarm sounding on Yamaha 115 4stroke?!

Ok, I have an alarm sounding on my 2008 Yamaha 115. Original cranking battery and just changed the engine oil Monday. I ran the motor the day I changed the oil with no alarm. Both before I changed the oil and after. I cranked it this morning and no alarm. The only thing I did since was disconnect the battery and mounted the battery holding bracket and then reconnected the battery. I did not attempt to start it or turn the key on. Now, after driving to Murells Inlet from Columbia, the alarm sounds once the key switch is turned on. I checked the oil and levels are good. It’s peeing like it’s supposed to. Anyone have any ideas? It seems to run fine but I don’t want to run it. The boat has been sitting all winter. I would appreciate anyone’s opinion.


Do you have a tach/gauge that shows a symbol when the alarm sounds? My F150 kicked an alarm at idle and on high idle the alarm would stop. New water pump kit and shes good as new. Also my alarm kicked for the fuel water separator new filter problem solved. Just a couple ideas but I’m no expert by any means when it comes to outboards. Good luck!

2007 Scout 221 150 Yamaha 4 stroke

I have an oil and temp light on my panel but it acts normal. The alarm sounds as soon as the key is turned " on" and it stays on once you start it. I am going to dump my inline water bulb and clean my connections at the battery an see what happens.

Test the battery. Its possible that its a low voltage alarm.

i would definately check the battery, since before that everything was fine

Let us know what it turns out to be…I have a 2008 F115 as well.


Just curious…Does a 4-stroke Yamaha have an oil change warning reset procedure like the 4-stroke Suzuki’s do? I know on Suzuki’s there is a reset procedure when you change the oil, otherwise at 100 hours it will sound an alarm.

It was my ground for my radio - which i just hooked up over the winter. Clipped that wire and the alarm stopped.